"I had been suffering with headaches for a number of years.. They were becoming progressively more intense and taking on different characteristics from facial pain to eye pain, back of the head and to the side of the head. It was excruciating! I had MRIs, CAT Scans, all normal. Medications that were supposed to make me better made me worse!! I went to the Dentist (whom I found on the internet) and basically just needed to have a tooth looked at and my teeth cleaned. To my surprise, his intake questions asked about headaches! I thought this is novel. When Dr. Bernstein walked in, his focus was on how I felt with these headaches, and then the questions turned to my jaw. I will not go on with the discussion other than to say that this was the beginning of me getting my life back! Dr. Bernstein is the most attentive Doctor I have met in a very long time and I am a Nurse! He listens, and truly hears. He asks questions and allows you to answer. His talent goes beyond his knowledge. It is in his heart as a caring human being. I have gone from daily headaches to having my life back. It has been like a miracle for me. Thank You!" 
-Providence Budet, R. -

I was a severe migraine sufferers for about 40 years. After chasing many options with no success . Dr Ira Bernstein suggested BOTOX. At first I hesitated but after a full week of pain I decided to give it a chance AND ( that was 2 years ago ). I walked in with a migraine and left relieved I now can go 4 months without a treatment and be " MIGRAINE FREE ". Dr Bernstein has studied this for years & now is teaching ! I hope this helps to understand the dedication of this wonderful caring Doctor and person.

-Susan Leifer-

At least 15 years ago a family member told me about his dentist, Dr. Ira Bernstein. Dr. Bernstein was described as a wonderful dentist and an extremely kind and thoughtful gentleman. My entire family has been going to Dr. Ira Bernstein since that recommendation. Over the last holiday weekend I saw Dr. Bernstein's kindness again when I broke a tooth. He came in and opened his new office in Suffern and gave me relief immediately. I am so very grateful!

-Joan Citrin-

When I first started my treatment plan I was terrified. I felt there was no hope for my teeth. From the first time I  walked into Dr. Bernstein's office I felt a comforting and reassuring atmosphere. Over the past few years, Dr. Bernstein helped solve the problems in my mouth that I felt could never be solved. Now when I  come to the office I don't bring despair, but home baked brownies and a smile, knowing anything in my mouth can always be taken care of!

-Donna Nicholson-

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I've been going to Dr. Bernstein since I was eight years old. Dr. Bernstein is a personable, caring and professional doctor. He is truly what a doctor is expected to be. The entire staff is congenial, friendly and makes you feel comfortable. This office makes you feel human, and that's important. There is no stress going to the dentist!
-Stella Pollack-